Registration fees

On-site (All residents of Japan and participants of foreign countries who wish to participate on-site)

  • Payment categories will automatically be defined by the date of your payment. (Note: It is not the date of your registration.)
  • If the participants from Japan have special reasons why they are not able to come to the conference site, the organizing committee may be able to allow on-line registration for them. In the case, the registration fee will be discounted from the appropriate on-site registration fee minus JPY 15,000 (for example, the registration fee will be discounted from JPY 60,000 to JPY 45,000 for members with early bird category).
  • At first, all participants who live in foreign country pay only the ON-LINE registration fee (see below). Then, if you can participate on-site during the conference days, you will pay the balance at the registration desk on the first day of your arrival. (For members: JPY 30,000. For students: JPY 15,000.)

On-line (Residents of the foreign countries outside Japan only)