Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • There is a limit of one oral paper for a presenting author. For poster presentation, the limit may be one or two. The presenting author must attend the conference and be available to present the talk and/or the poster. The presentation(s) without payment of the registration fee will be automatically canceled.
  • To submit multiple papers, please submit each paper separately via the online submission system (e.g., to submit one oral paper and one poster paper, two submission processes via the online submission system will be required). In addition, please check the item, “Do you wish to submit other presentations?”, when you have multiple papers.

*Please note that Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject papers and assign them to oral presentations or posters. In case the number of submissions exceeds the conference capacity, authors submitting multiple papers may be asked to reduce the number of presentations.

Abstract Preparation

  • Abstracts should describe original and significant new material and work. Abstracts should contain enough details to allow the referees a sound assessment of the scientific merit.
  • Each oral and poster presenter is asked to submit a one-page abstract written in English. Please prepare the abstract using the MS-WORD template, convert it into a PDF file, and upload it at submission.

Abstract Template

Click Icon to download the OLC2021 style templates.

Abstract format

  • The abstract should contain the title, author name(s), affiliation(s), text, and references (optional). The title, author name(s), and affiliation(s) must be exactly the same as those submitted via the submission system. The abstract should be less than one page (A4). You may include figures in the abstract. Color figures and photos are acceptable. Please note that the size of the abstract file must be less than 5MB. There is no fixed style for the references.
  • The digital abstract booklet will be available before the conference, which will be notified on the main page of this conference. The copyright of the abstract paper for the abstract booklet, including electronic media and Web publications, belongs to the OLC2021. The abstract booklet in electronic form may be deposited at National Diet Library Japan after the conference.