1. Optics of liquid crystalline materials
    • Novel optical and dielectric properties (pure LCs, polymer-related LCs, Blue phases. etc.)
    • Observation of new/novel optical phenomena
    • Theoretical modeling tools and/or results
    • Others
  2. Novel liquid crystalline materials and phenomena
    • Novel materials
    • Elastomers and polymer networks
    • Guest-host systems (lasing, etc.)
    • Hybrid organic-inorganic systems, nano/micro-particles
    • Bent-core LC, Twist-bend LCs, Chiral systems, Lyotropic LCs, etc.
    • Phase transition, Nano/micro-phase separation
    • Others
  3. Liquid crystal optical components and devices
    • Novel experimental methods
    • Novel substrates, electrode, coatings, alignment techniques, and materials
    • LCDs, Flexible LCDs, SLMs, Smart and Privacy windows, etc.
    • Lenses for imaging, augmented reality, Ophthalmology, etc.
    • Microfluidics
    • Filters, photonic bandgaps
    • Novel frontiers (structures, patterns, surface plasmons, THz, etc.)
    • Others
  4. Biophotonic applications of liquid crystalline materials
    • Biological LCs, membranes, etc.
    • Optical techniques in biological applications of LCs
    • Biosensing
    • Biomimetics
    • Optical drug release
    • Others